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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the event and sessions. Please check here before contacting us to see if your query can be resolved. 

Registration and logging into the platform

How do I register? 
For information about tickets and registration visit our ticket information page.

Do I need to register if I’m hosting, moderating or presenting in a session?
Everyone needs to register to attend the conference. We hope that you will use the opportunity to participate in the sessions of others. Most of the sessions will be interactive, with opportunities to share your own perspectives as well as learn from others.

I have registered but I haven’t received my magic link to access the full platform?
First please check your spam folder as your platform welcome email may have gone there - the email is from If you still have not received anything please email with the subject line 'Welcome email not received'.

I'm having trouble logging in to the platform?
At the login page, please ensure you are using the correct email address - this should be the same address that you used during your Eventbrite registration. If you have used the correct address and have not received your magic link, please check your junk mail folder for an email from If you are still having trouble, please email with the subject line 'Login issues'.

How do I apply to volunteer at this event?
Email with the subject line 'Volunteer application'.

How do I apply for sponsorship to attend this event?
For information about tickets and sponsorship visit our ticket information page.

Virtual event platforms / technology 

What do I need in order to attend this conference?
You will need a device with an internet connection (computer, tablet or smartphone) to access the conference platform and the sessions. The CBA16 conference platform works in your browser and most sessions will be held in Zoom. You can access these meeting platforms through a browser or by downloading their apps. Download the latest version of Zoom. For the best experience we recommend you download these desktop or mobile applications if possible, although do check each application’s Privacy Policy for more information.

We aim to keep CBA as inclusive as we can through our sponsorships and as least intrusive as possible through the choice of platforms we use. We realise, however, that having a virtual conference does present challenges for people without the right equipment or access to the internet. We are fundraising to do what we can to bridge this ‘digital divide’ so please get in touch if you need assistance and we will do the best we can to help, although we cannot guarantee secured funding. If you would like to support efforts to address the digital divide please get in touch with

Can I join Zoom from my browser?
Yes. Zoom and Microsoft Teams work in your browser. However, we recommend you download the desktop or mobile applications if you can for the best experience.

Do I need an account to join a Zoom meeting?
You do not need an account with either of these platforms to join a meeting, just follow the meeting links from the agenda.

Do I need to pay to use Zoom?
No, downloading these applications is free of charge (you may be asked if you would like to upgrade to a paid account, but you do not need to do this in order to attend CBA sessions).

Session sign-up 

How do I sign up for a session?
There is no need to sign up to attend one of the main sessions during the CBA16 conference. You will be automatically directed to a session (in Zoom) by clicking on the session name in the agenda; or by clicking on the session name under the timeline.

Meet & Greet sessions that take place before the conference can be booked through the conference platform. Visit the page of the meet and greet you would like to attend and click the 'attending' link. You can attend more than one meet and greet if you would like to.

What if I signed up to a Meet & Greet session but I can no longer attend?
Please email to cancel your place at a Meet & Greet.

What is a time slot?
In order to cover a spread of time zones, we have clustered the sessions into three main "time slots" which are Asia-friendly, Europe/Africa-friendly and Americas-friendly.

  • Time Slot A
    • 9am UK BST (GMT+1)
    • 11am Nairobi
    • 4pm Bangkok
    • 4am New York

  • Time Slot B
    • 12pm UK BST (GMT+1)
    • 2pm Nairobi
    • 6pm Bangkok
    • 7am, New York

  • Time Slot C
    • 3pm UK BST (GMT+1)
    • 5pm Nairobi
    • 9pm Bangkok
    • 10pm New York

To see sessions according to your local time zone visit the Agenda.

Session recordings

Will sessions be recorded? / How can I access session recordings?
All sessions will be recorded. As soon as the recordings are available they will be uploaded to the session page and available throughout the year ahead. Sessions will later be uploaded to IIED’s YouTube channel

What if I don’t want to be recorded in sessions?
Feel free to switch off your camera for the session duration and rename yourself to something that doesn’t reveal your identity. The name displayed during the live Zoom meeting will not show on the final, public recording, regardless of whether you change it during the session.

Live session technical issues

I’m participating in a live session and the speaker’s video or audio is not working...
Alert the moderator in case others are having the same issue. If they aren't, check these zoom tips and check your device's video and audio settings - they might be set to the wrong device. You might need to log off and back on for the change in settings to take place.

In order to improve connectivity quality for everyone in the session, it is recommended that you close down all other apps – Spotify, email apps, internet browser windows, Skype, etc, while you are joining the session. Some people have found they have better connectivity if they turn off their cameras - although we encourage you to turn it on momentarily to introduce yourself and say hello in smaller group sessions.

Due to internet connectivity issues I was unable to participate in the session, will there be a recording?
All sessions will be recorded. As soon as the recordings are available they will be uploaded to the session page and available throughout the year ahead.


Will sessions have live interpretation or subtitles?
All sessions are expected to be held in English and live interpretation is not available. Once the session recording is uploaded they will feature automated English transcription. Some session hosts are offering non-English sessions but these will be case-by-case and will be the exception. Please check the agenda to see which are non-English sessions.

Can I dial into sessions by phone?
All sessions will have a dial-in option via Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Please email well in advance of the session if you require dial-in information for a session.

I have an accessibility query not listed above, who can I speak to?
Please email with your query.

Funding Partners

CARE International works in 100 countries, helping millions of the world’s poorest people find routes out of poverty and achieve social justice.
Global Resilience Partnership (GRP)
GRP is an inclusive and diverse partnership of organisations joining forces towards a world where vulnerable people and places are able to thrive in the face of shocks, uncertainty and change.
Climate Justice Resilience Fund
CJRF builds voice and power in the communities hit first by climate change. To survive and thrive on a warming planet they need voice, power, and the opportunity to innovate. CJRF helps these communities create and share their own solutions for resilience.
Irish Aid
Irish Aid invest in research that builds evidence on how poor people and countries can best adapt, reduce risk, and build their resilience to withstand future set-backs and disasters.
Practical Action
Practical Action works with communities to develop ingenious solutions in agriculture, water and waste management, climate resilience and clean energy. Then we share what’s proven to work with others, so many more people can change their world.
Green Africa Youth Organisation (GAYO)
GAYO is a youth-led gender-balanced advocacy organisation who work directly with local communities to reduce the vulnerability of groups that are at risk to climate impacts, through youth empowerment, skills development and public education.
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
IIED is an international policy and action research organisation delivering solutions to sustainable development challenges. Working with partners across the globe, IIED links local priorities to global challenges.